ABC: Always Being Creative

I started to mimeograph and photocopy “arts manifestos” back in the mid- 1970’s, when I first got serious about art.  Since then, I’ve written hundreds of texts on art and artists.

I write poetry (and other things) as well.  Yet writing about art is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember.

In this sphere, I hope to write some new arts texts and explore some of my older ones.   There are many questions which I hold dear.  They seem urgent enough.

What is art and what isn’t art?  Can everyone become an artist?  What is the true place of the artist in America?  In other countries?  In the World?  Why do we create?  What does it all mean?  Is dreaming ever a waste of time?  Can art change the world?  Can it change life?

I could list hundreds of questions as easily as I breathe.  I can raise questions.  Yet I don’t search for answers so much as strive to be part of the discussion.  I live the artist’s life as well as writing about it.  ABC: always being creative.

I have a day job doing work at a University Library.  My art life keeps me spread pretty thin.  It’s like working two jobs, yet I rarely lose momentum.

I paint, draw, sculpt, write, sing, play music and do puppet shows.  I’m in two bands.  One’s an experimental “art band” called the Space Band.  The other’s an old timey aggregation known as The Don’t Look Now Jug Band.

It’s hard to seperate arts from another.  Someone spoke of “all arts forming a single art.”  Was it poet Saint-Pol-Roux?  Music, theatre, painting,drawing, sculpture, puppetry, acting, poetry, writing, singing and dancing are but a few of the branches of the river of arts.

It’s equally hard to seperate art from life.  I’m sure that there are some who are good at it or are experts at it.  Yet for me it’s impossible.

Art is an expression of life.   Art is a way of life.   Art is alive.

Why walk when you can run.

Why run when you can fly?

Why fly when you can dream?

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