Detroit and the Zeitgeist


I’ve lived here, in Detroit, Michigan for nearly all of my life.  It’s a rough and complicated city in ways.  I often feel tested.  They don’t make it easy for you.  I love it though.  Sure.   It’s home.

Its recent troubles are well publicized.  The auto industry is in trouble.  Our former mayor is in jail.  The economy has been very bad here for over five years.  I have a job.  I know I’m lucky to have one.

I don’t drive and ride the Detroit busses.  Our mass transit system’s not very good. Busses have been more crowded with people out of work and fluctuating gas prices.

This isn’t the place to really get into talking about Detroit, but it’s where I’m coming from.


I helped run the Zeitgeist Gallery and Performance Venue here.  Zeitgeist means “in the spirit of the times” and we were often “onto something.”

Yet we weren’t “with it” so much as “in advance” yet “rooted in the past.”  Then, last month, after over eleven years, we closed down.  Another great and unique art space bites the dust.  I’ll speak more of the Zeitgeist eventually.  It was my second home base.


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