Invent! Discover! Create!



In science, politics, art and life we can do better by being creative.

I tend to live my life as an improvisation, trying to surf the dynamic flow.  My life has a life of its own.  There are always inventions, discoveries and creations.  I think many of my fellow artists have had similar experiences.

Like science and politics, art is tied to the need to solve problems (or at least attempt to, to solve them as best we can).

I look at each drawing, poem, painting or performance as a set of problems to face, deal with and work through.

When I do my own work it’s as if I’m solving problems I create for myself.  The better I solve them, the more successful the work of art.

In collaborations (visual, musical, theatrical) I solve both my own problems and those which others create for me.

If scientists and artists are often “experts in problem solving” then why is this talent rarely utilized in the “problems of life?”  If one has a deep and complex awareness of reality (natural, social, political, personal) then one can do something with it.

In other words,  some ideas and voices may actually make a difference.  We can help come up with solutions, with fresh ideas.  If they get to hear the best of these, the powers-that-be can give them consideration.

As we change our government, there is hope that we can face our problems together and deal with them in a serious way.  In a few days, we’ll have a new president and a new circle around him. Best to Barack Obama. 

There are  many challenges, but maybe we finally dig in and face them.

Not only in the United States, but everywhere: it’s time for we humans to take responsibility for our planet Earth and those of our fellows who are  poor, sick or hungry.  Grow up!  Finally!

It could happen.  Artists could be among those who make a real difference.  Stranger things have happened and will happen again.

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