Kresge Art Grants

I’ve never really applied for an artist grant.  The whole money question’s a bit strange for me.  Luck to those who applied.  I’m sure I’ll know some of those chosen.  Some, I’ll know their work better than I know them.  Some, I’ll know the artist as well.


Painted pin (3 inches)

Painted pin (3 inches)




Meanwhile, I just wrote this:




Re the 2009 Kresge Arts Grants:


The Kresge Foundation is offering 18 grants to Detroit area artists at $25,000 each!


I think this is a very good thing.  I’m looking forward to see who gets chosen.  I can think of 20 or 30 artists who really deserve it and would be great choices.


I was very happy, of course, that they gave a special “Eminent Artist” grant to Charles McGee.  He’s been one of the best of the best in this city for a great many years.


As for myself, I decided not to apply.  I did make a (half-hearted) attempt.  Yet now, the day before the deadline, I’ve decided to give it up.  If I could think of at least 25,000 reasons to apply, I could think of at least 1000 not to.  A partial list:


1. My initial impulse was not to apply.  By the time I had a “what the heck” change of heart, it was probably already too late.  This is tied to my conception of myself as a rebel,  a surrealist, an outsider (always something of a renegade or “pirate” in my way) ha!  In the end, I returned to this initial impulse, full circle.  Part of it’s the tendency to spend more time making work and less time promoting it.  It’s complicated.


2. The fact that I don’t have a working computer hooked up at home is another factor.  I could have stayed late after work and used my work computer.  Yet this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  It was tricky figuring out the j-pegs: trying to scratch out my signature or crop it out of the frame.  I’m a writer though, so the writing part would have been easy.


3. Then there’s the fact that I’ve had some “good luck” both off and on and in the past few years.  Thus there’s a real impulse to give someone else a chance, to step back.  This isn’t to say I’d have won, but I’d have been competitive, maybe in the running.


All that said, it is a real struggle to make art while working a full time job.  Sometimes, trying to find time to paint, is like being “at war” or something. It can be a real fight.


I finance my “career” through my day job (as many do).  I’ve never had a studio.  I work out of my home.  I’ve never had an assistant.  That said, I’ll give myself a challenge to work extra hard that year.  Even without much money I can get a lot done.


Whatever support I get, it comes back to supporting myself, keeping that “work ethic” going at full pitch.  Then someday, eventually, I may well get it together to apply for grants.  We will see.

2 Responses to “Kresge Art Grants”

  1. Don Handy Says:

    Me thinks you should have applied.

  2. Why I Don’t Apply for the Kresge Art Grants (take one) « for art and artists Says:

    […] […]

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