“The Main Point”

It’s always been my passion, to try and bring a true Renaissance in the arts to life. I’ve had a lot of daydreams where I turn into a sort of “Doctor Frankenstein” of some sort of new artistic fervor/fever.  Yet one can one person do (even if I could)?

More realistically, it’s more as if I become one of a crowd of artists, cultural workers and maybe magicians trying to bring this thing to life!

In any case, promoting a total Renaissance in all art forms has been a continuing project for me, for some 30 years now!  Create!  Agitate!  Emancipate!  Why Wait?

Some “fine ponts” (to wit):

1. Encouraging and promoting fellow artists, especially those doing strong or interesting work:  I search for the work and workers I most want to see, hear and/or experience.

2. Exploring the nature of quality and excellence in all art forms: What’s really good and what’s not? A lot of this is a matter of taste, but sometimes it’s just obvious.  In the balance of quantity and quality, we need to be honest and critical (especially with ourselves, our own creations).

3. Bringing Renaissance to life involves “building bridges” and forming connections.  The popular arts should be friendlier toward the “fine arts.” 

Young and old and in between, all backgrounds and nationalities, male and female, all “divisions” and signifiers: dialogue, work together, transcend!

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