Franklin Rosemont 1943-2009

Chicago 1993

Chicago 1993

I just heard that Franklin Rosemont has died.  This is very sad news and all love to Penelope, to his family, friends and fellow surrealists.

His work and life has been an inspiration to me for some 30 years now.  I started writing to them (Black Swan Press) around 1977.  Since then, I’ve had a few visits to Chicago and got to meet Franklin and others.

I got there for the Surrealist exhibit at Heartland Cafe last Summer.  We did some collaborative drawings and got to talk awhile.

I loved his work as a historian.  I’ve read a lot of his writing, including the book on Joe Hill and the IWW.  I’d just finished his book on Jacques Vache a few weeks ago.

I loved his work as a “visual artist” and spinner of pictures.

I also loved all his efforts to keep Surrealism true to itself, to connect those under its spell and embrace its history and its future.

Change Life!  Change the world!  Love!  Dream!  Wake people up!  Shake people up!  Find ways to energize and make the living more alive!  Don’t forget to laugh!

I’ll write more on Franklin Rosemont, eventually.  He’ll be missed.

Maurice Greenia, Jr.   April 15,2009

2 Responses to “Franklin Rosemont 1943-2009”

  1. irene plazewska Says:

    your tribute touches the essence of Franklin. He opened doors for us all.
    I new him for a very long time and will go on missing him for the rest of my days when I see a bluejay, or listen to jazz, or walk down a street in chicago or dublin.

  2. Franklin Rosemont Memorial in Chicago « for art and artists Says:

    […] […]

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