For A Wilder Laughter

the laughing man in the wood

the laughing man in the wood

For a Wilder Laughter!!!

    From: Maurice Greenia, Jr.    June 7, 2007

Of the many serious problems facing the world today, some are rarely mentioned.  One of these is the severe shortage of humor, good jokes, the absolute comic and their glorious residue.

This residue is, of course, human laughter.

There is nothing wrong with smiling or chuckling.  A little humor is better than no humor at all (or ill humor).  Yet, throughout much of this earth, a sense of humor is merely a rumor.

It can be a serious problem for things to be taken too seriously.  Conversely, it can also cause trouble to not take things seriously enough!

Not everyone has the wisdom (and sense of balance) to know the difference.

We believe that if more people laughed more often, it would be a far better world.  Moreover, if more people laughed harder, it would also help.

The intensity and the duration of laughter must not be discounted.

Most books, movies, TV programs, songs, stage plays and jokes provide only brief bursts of laughter.  One thinks it was a “funny show” if one laughs a few times and smiles a few times.

Some of us have nostalgia for those golden days of fierce, even riotous laughter.  Picture yourself in a cinema theatre.  The lights dim and darken.  The audience is as one, in a cloak of anticipation.

The film begins.  Then, from beginning to end, the audience (and you too) just roar and scream with laughter.  The film provides a few spots where one can rest and catch one’s breath.  Yet soon enough, the waves of laughter arise again.  Many people weep.   The tears of joy run down their faces.  Some fall out of their chairs and roll on the floor, hitting it with their fists.  The ushers have to help them back into their seats.

This utopian scenario could soon become a reality.  It only needs to be given half a chance.   In every corner of the world, through every means,  the music of laughter will arise.  Some of us are more susceptible than others.  Some laugh more easily.   Some dream more easily.

Yet if the force of the comic is strong enough, fluid enough, free enough, it is not easily resisted.   Even the sternest of beings can fall under its sway.

Just as important are the targets of this laughter.  Those forces of hatred, exploitation, miserabilism, evil, stupidity, insensitivity, violence, cruelty and indifference often receive a boisterous welcome.  The emperor’s new clothes are shown up to be the nakedness that they are.

Laughter can reveal the truth and throw it back into the face of the lie!

Don’t be afraid to let go and laugh.  Be open to it.   Seek for it.

 (thanks to Dreamers Versus Dangers, Detroit Branch)

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