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Distant Relatives

August 20, 2009

distant relatives (June 14, 2007)

When that which seems to be related suddenly disconnects, we fall away, disoriented.  What makes us uneasy can sometimes be good for us.  We get a taste of the jarring embrace of opposites.  This can be frightening, or it can be beautiful, even delicious.

Resolving contraries, neither “this” nor “that” can be a program in itself.

The so-called impossible can hold many strange attractions.

Day and night, joy and despair, life and death, nature and technology are all distant relatives, branches of the same family tree.

Perhaps not all contraries are related.  Or if they are, they’re related in strange ways, which many of us cannot imagine.

Dreams can sweep you up, like being borne aloft by a whirlwind.  In sleep, the fall rarely injures us.

Some of us search out these mysteries, even live for them.

Love is infinite and it replicates itself with abandon.