Os Gemeos Mural, New York City 2009

Os Gemeos Mural, August 2009

Os Gemeos Mural, August 2009

This is my photo of the Houston Street mural by 35-year old twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandalfo.  They’re from Brazil and call their art group Os Gemeos.  I sense a lot of Brazilian flavor in their work.

They designed the mural and did a good part of the painting.  They did have some help with the actual painting, forming a sort of “art team.”

I ran across their mural when I was in New York.  I really like it a lot.  I just got around to searching for pictures and writing about it on “the web.”  I found a lot of really good stuff.

This includes a history of the mural space from Martha Cooper.  She’s a well known photographer of New York graffiti. 

I remember seeing other good murals there too.  This space has always had interesting work.  Layers of good art are painted over other good art.

There are also photos of it being created, photos of the Pandolfo brothers, a New York Times slide show and much more.  I took other photos as well and may post those, eventually.


good photos:


includes images of the mural being painted:


the history of the space from  Martha Cooper:


dedications (R.I.P. Dash Snow, etc.):



Other work:


One Response to “Os Gemeos Mural, New York City 2009”

  1. bec Says:

    hey maurice!
    I have a book called Graffiti Brasil, with really amazing work by Los Gemeos. I was always intrigued by their style. thanks for the photo!

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