Slim’s Bike

Slim's Bike number 3

I remember Jim Thompson aka “Slim” Thompson.  I used to see him around with various versions of his bike.  These photos, I’d taken at a Dally in the Alley. This is a Detroit festival which takes place for one day, near the end of the Summer.

This is a section of a film on Slim’s Bike from about ten years ago, 1999.  It was made by Ben Hernandez and Chris Turner.

I got to talk with him a little, now and then, not much.  But yes, I’d seen him around for years.  How many versions of his wild bike were there?

This version of Slim’s bike featured plastic drinking cup, toy pin-wheels and a collage of pictures of women.  I got the sense that these were all or mostly people that he knew or had known.

Slim’s hat and face are at left, in profile

In 2003, Slim’s bike was exhibited at Intuit in Chicago.

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  1. leslie Says:

    love this.

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