The Century Kicks In!


Hello, yes Happy New Years and best for 2010. 

I was sick at the start of the year and have been very busy but I’m back at the blogs again.  I did posts for all four blogs recently (others music, cinema and adventurous resources. 

This is some old texts and a few quotations.  Maurice 

August 20, 1989 NYC (Times Square area): 

Blurryface: all the righteous and true sadness and anger in this world are part of what I connect with (or “tune into”).  It is a part of this life, as much as anything else is.  The exploited, injured, defiant, fiercely alive people are ones I love.  (thus it comes full circle).  For me, all my anger and sadness are the children of my love.  The other child of love is joy or connection.  For most, joy in love comes with being with others, while anger and sadness come from “divorces.”  Humanity is not made for joy ….yet it is made to be together

Love (yields) anger and sadness yet….especially joy.  From anger and sadness come awareness and direction.  Joy helps to counteract the bad side-effects…. 

2010, today: How much does the artist need to be in touch with the “down side” of life?  We can scarcely avoid it.  We’re swamped by all the terrible headlines of the daily news.  We look back to the blood-filled 20th Century.  So far, the 21st doesn’t seem to be much better.  We often try to be aware (and beware) yet still stay true. 

Part of my stance (as an artist) is to not give in to despair.  I struggle to maintain a sense of perversely defiant optimism.  (HAHAHA!) 

10 years ago!

“The cost of youth is death.  The cost of love is independence.”  Orson Welles 

“Still one obvious question comes to mind.  Why is it taken for granted that to oppose racism and sexism, and to call for respect for other cultures, is a leftist position–hence by implication, one that decent folk must abjure?  The tacit assumption is not addressed.  It’s implications are not without interest.”  Noam Chomsky letter; November 1991 

“We cannot love that which we do not know.”  Guinean Proverb 

“He who would do good must do it in minute particulars.”  William Blake 

“I am a merciless realist.  My name is not defeatist.” Linton Kwesi Johnson 

“If you can do it you can do anything.”  Orson Welles 


That story about the man wrapped in video tape, falling at my feet is true!  Symbolic of media overload??

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