Art: damaged, destroyed, demolished

The Thinker (Damaged in Cleveland)

In March of 1970, someone blew up this sculpture of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker in Cleveland Ohio!   Some say it was the weather underground.

Sometimes artists destroy their own work, visitors trip and fall into paintings etc. etc.  Is this all part of the “battle against art?”

These links contain examples of the various ways in which art can be destroyed or damaged:,28804,1956922_1956921,00.html

Sometimes vandalism can be or become art (aka not all graffiti is ugly):

Or “one person’s art can be another person’s vandalism or destruction.”

(This Post is the first in a series of three.)

One Response to “Art: damaged, destroyed, demolished”

  1. leslie Says:

    on artists destroying their own work..
    to me, it is the most comfortable way to create. using the materials that are sure to melt, burn, evaporate.
    regarding the destruction of anything, especially art..
    nothing is truer to life.

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