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Magical Objects

April 23, 2010

Mysterious objects tend to flock around me.  I attract them as if I was some sort of magnet.  A starfish communes with an old piece of bark.  Painted twigs linger over part of an old broken bottle.  My circa 1980 painted totem pole sculpture overlooks a glass hand full of water.  Part of a shed python skin hangs nearby.  (I’ve never owned a python, or any snake, only a turtle.  Yet this found its way to me.)

An imprint of my childhood hand has a chip out of it.  It was once skillfully glued together, after it broke in half.  My terra-cotta sculpture has a removable head.  The crouching figure touches its face to its knee (having escaped the forest forever).  This fried egg will never go bad.  To the right is a shard of broken mirror, which I painted on.

The bull’s horn has shifted position.  The menace of the shark’s jaw is well reflected.  I found this in a pile at a “value village” used store.  Insects have drawn their pictures on the inside of a piece of bark. 

Sometimes I use what I find in my art.  Other times, I leave these objects to their  own version of “independence.”  It always inspires me, to see unusual things.  This influences my writing and word-poetry as well me my visual art.


April 8, 2010

Every month since April 1985, I’ve put out a poetry sheet entitled The Poetic Express.  I can hardly believe that I’ve sustained this for a quarter century!

I’m sure I’ll keep on putting it out for the rest of my life.  I think I’ll celebrate this in a number of ways.  These will include a few blog posts (reminiscing on my poetic ways and these photo-copied manifestations).

It was partly a reaction to/in revolt against “normal poetry” scenes and publications.  Despite appearing in a few anthologies, I’ve always been an outsider in ways, in my “poetic sensibility.”  Yet I try to be accessible and (hopefully) of interest to those who would take the time.  Thanks to all my readers and supporters, over the years.

There have been times where I only did one page a month.  Usually though, it’s been two pages every month, one with the SURREAL THEATRE comic strip and one without it.

The first twenty years are at my (recently revamped) archives site at the University of Detroit Mercy library portal:

I’d written on it a bit before, in my adventurous research blog: