Magical Objects

Mysterious objects tend to flock around me.  I attract them as if I was some sort of magnet.  A starfish communes with an old piece of bark.  Painted twigs linger over part of an old broken bottle.  My circa 1980 painted totem pole sculpture overlooks a glass hand full of water.  Part of a shed python skin hangs nearby.  (I’ve never owned a python, or any snake, only a turtle.  Yet this found its way to me.)

An imprint of my childhood hand has a chip out of it.  It was once skillfully glued together, after it broke in half.  My terra-cotta sculpture has a removable head.  The crouching figure touches its face to its knee (having escaped the forest forever).  This fried egg will never go bad.  To the right is a shard of broken mirror, which I painted on.

The bull’s horn has shifted position.  The menace of the shark’s jaw is well reflected.  I found this in a pile at a “value village” used store.  Insects have drawn their pictures on the inside of a piece of bark. 

Sometimes I use what I find in my art.  Other times, I leave these objects to their  own version of “independence.”  It always inspires me, to see unusual things.  This influences my writing and word-poetry as well me my visual art.

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