My Life as a Shadow


My Life as a Shadow

In the valley of tar/ the tough and gritty coal of looped ash singes and surrenders.

The old broken peak (rugged as the center of a lion’s eye) cries out, pointing.

I hide myself.  No one will ever find me.  Black rules everything.  Black sings like no bird that ever existed.  Black sparkles and glows.  I enter black and it enters me.

I roll and fly over the broken shards like a torn feather (one end wet) and everything spins like bells which jump and jump (with arms and legs) until their music gets weaker.

(I was never just one shadow yet never all shadows at once.  It was always a sort of a haphazard group.  I never knew or understood whose or what’s shadow I was).

In the sea of dark waters, the singer sharpens its tune.  The one thing I learned is that it can get very, very dark at the bottom of the ocean.  Fish have one huge shadow.

And the gentle violence of these shadows can make the world fall, make dreams weep, make the clay of life harden and crumble, make everything wash away until next time.


This is a poem from 2002.  I’ll occasionally include some unpublished /unseen Poetry in these blogs.

2 Responses to “My Life as a Shadow”

  1. Don Handy (Mud) Says:

    So, I take it that you know what evil dwells in the hearts of men?

  2. Gary Freeman Says:

    Perhaps you would know: Do shade trees grow in the valley of the shadow of doubt?

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