Smokey Stover

I’m a big fan of the mysterious Smokey Stover.  This strip is a copy of an actual fragile old “Sunday funnies” original in my possession.  You can probably click on the image to enlarge it.

Someone actually gave me a few old newspapers which were found in an attic.  Most were in bad shape.  This Smokey Stover strip’s the major success of that stash.

Smokey’s a fireman, who lives in a surreal world of puns and sight gags.  It seems to be a precursor of the Harvey Kurtzman-Will Elder MAD magazine stuff.  The watchword is “Foo!”

I don’t think that Smokey Stover‘s ever been compiled into a book. There is a good website.  It’s sponsored by Bill Holman’s nephew Victor Alsobrook.  Holman was the artist-writer-creator of Smokey Stover.


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