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3 big events in one week 3

September 10, 2010


Various Artwork (including a celebration of 25 years of the POETIC EXPRESS).   I’ve been showing  a group of mostly new work including paintings, drawings, collage etc.  It’s at the Mosaic Productions Gallery 155311 Mack (near the “pizza joint”)  The phone number is 313-342-6143.  The show is extended for a few more days, maybe until the 19th or 20th.  If anyone wants to see it, get ahold of me, or phone the gallery and we’ll arrange to meet you and let you in.  The 3 works pictured here are all in the exhibit.

Today is the closing event, yes September  10 from 6 to 10pm. We’ll be marking the 25 year anniversary of my monthly “zine” THE POETIC EXPRESS.  I’ll do puppets and read some of my poems.   I’m excited about this.  It’s fairly rare for me to do a puppet show now.  It’s even rarer for me to do a poetry reading.  It’ll be fun going through a quarter century of my work and read stuff.  I can’t wait!

update: It was great!  I could’ve had a bigger crowd but there were at least 4 or 5 major art openings going on at the same time.  It was similar to the opening, maybe 30 people all night, often 5 or 10 at a time (including a sibling and some good friends).  I read poetry, took a break, did a puppet show, took a break, than read more poetry.  A lot of them were things I’d written in the 1990’s.  I got very expressive, changing my voice from poem to poem.  I even sang a bit, a few times.

Tomorrow, September 11, my Space Band (musical project) is scheduled to play at Detroit’s Dally in the Alley street fair at 8pm.  In over 12 years we only played here once before and then we went on at noon.  So we’ll go all out to give a wild and adventurous performance.  Sunday’s the rain date should the weather become too extreme.

update:  This performance went quite well as well.  There was some suspense, as we thought that we might get rained out.  The rain stopped, the audience came out and the show went on.  Still, it was quite damp.  Our bass player’s bass guitar  kept getting wet somehow and he had to keep drying it off!  The full band made the gig.  We played our best and went for broke.  I blew up some “snap and pops” and sprayed the crowd with bubbles (from my new battery-operated, colored light bubble machine).  Ralph Koziarski sat in with us on drums and sax.  People were dancing, screaming and interacting with the performance.  At one point the giant pencil went out into the audience.  One of the spectators turned the “dancing ball” on, etc.  All told, it was a wild time.

Then next Friday is a closing for a great show I’ve been part of (all Summer):

Another Detroit‘s Been Happening! – radical Detroit history & expressions of now

at the Trumbullplex:
I’ve got work in the show including my photos of my art I did on downtown Detroit’s Hudsons Building in the 1990’s and a poster for the late Zeitgeist Gallery.  A closing reception is planned for Friday, September 17, further info on the closing: at Trumbullplex, 4208 Trumbull Ave., Detroit  (the following information is from the Trumbullplex) “Official Closing for the Radical History of Detroit Art Show, 6pm -10pm, free.  Featuring Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit Summer, and the Matrix Theatre Company.

This art show has been up in the theater since late June, when it opened during the USSF. It features submissions on lease from the University of Michigan Labadie Special Collection on Radical Politics, and touches on subjects as diverse as the Detroit Alternative School, the Black Panther Party in Detroit, Cass Corridor artists, the Hudson Building chalk murals, the newspaper strike and much more.

Open gallery viewing will be from 6-8pm, and presentations will begin at 8.

Grace Lee Boggs, a Detroit activist for many decades and accomplished author, will be speaking on the role of youth art in the city in the context of community organizing for social change.

Detroit Summer, an inter-generational organization that organize youth-led media projects, will give a presentation on past and present work, including a recent city-wide mural project.

Matrix Theatre Company, a community theater in Southwest Detroit committed to social justice, will be presenting on education, arts, and awareness.

After-party featuring Defiance, Ohio, 10:30pm, $6.

Longtime friends and allies of the Trumbullplex and its mission, Defiance, Ohio will be performing at 11pm. Defiance, Ohio are an Americana influenced punk band from Bloomington, IN.

This will be a special night for us at Trumbullplex, and we hope to share it with as much of the community as possible. Please come out and celebrate Detroit and our collective unwavering commitment to moving forward.”

update:  The closing event last night went really well.  There was a good crowd.  It was a last chance to see this exhibit.  The theme of  inter-generational work kept coming up.  The speakers from Detroit Summer and the Matrix Theatre were very good.  Grace Lee Boggs, at 95, also gave an excellent talk.  I agree with her that Mayor Bing (and some others in Detroit government) don’t really understand what’s going on in this city.  Yes it’s true that another Detroit’s been happening and is still happening!

infinity’s palette

September 3, 2010

infinity’s palette in memory of Ron Allen 1947-2010

black tiger-stripe reflex bone of raging drama.

cozy blue igloo of dominant mysteries, shivering in waves.

nasty yellow star-eating machines, primed to recycle lives.

bright pink petals of luscious doorbell-flowers, dancing.

grey and white smuggled time codes, eager to be installed.

golden brown tree bark, urging the trees to dance, to sway.

shocking orange larva, luxuriating amongst the decaying music.

dusty purple formations seem to interconnect with the sky.

a glowing red taste of freedom. mutates into a huge door.

a great green garden-snake does the mambo in the grass.

shiny silver wishes present themselves and demand to be true.

good black rain puts lines everywhere, sweet and explosive.

(from Maurice Greenia, Jr. / AUGUST issue of The Poetic Express)