infinity’s palette

infinity’s palette in memory of Ron Allen 1947-2010

black tiger-stripe reflex bone of raging drama.

cozy blue igloo of dominant mysteries, shivering in waves.

nasty yellow star-eating machines, primed to recycle lives.

bright pink petals of luscious doorbell-flowers, dancing.

grey and white smuggled time codes, eager to be installed.

golden brown tree bark, urging the trees to dance, to sway.

shocking orange larva, luxuriating amongst the decaying music.

dusty purple formations seem to interconnect with the sky.

a glowing red taste of freedom. mutates into a huge door.

a great green garden-snake does the mambo in the grass.

shiny silver wishes present themselves and demand to be true.

good black rain puts lines everywhere, sweet and explosive.

(from Maurice Greenia, Jr. / AUGUST issue of The Poetic Express)

3 Responses to “infinity’s palette”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Wow. Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. nkenge Says:


  3. Memorial Events in Detroit this Year « for art and artists Says:

    […] […]

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