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Coyle and Sharp

May 27, 2011

Jim Coyle and Mal Sharpe were supreme pranksters.  They perpetrated great “terrorizations” upon the unsuspecting.

I’ve been an admirer of their work for years.  It’s beautiful, oddball, hilarious stuff, and is often truly poetic and magical.

They sung the praises of a cult of mole men, who enjoy nothing more than digging through the earth, like moles.  They pitched a wonderful new job opportunity for a position as manager of a macabre, carnival-esque living hell.  They proposed a private war within the confines of an American city. 

It was usually street theatre.  They’d corner people and propose the most amazing things, in a straight-faced, dead pan matter.  Sometimes you could sense their tongues in their cheeks though. 

They once proposed that a shopkeeper rent a Zeb-Eel as a “watch animal” (this being a mutated cross between a zebra and an eel).

Their humor is amazing.  I laugh out loud, again and again.  Coyle and Sharpe seem to be kindred spirits with such greats as Ernie Kovacs and the Firesign Theatre.

Both video and audio of the duo seem to be available.  Mal Sharpe is still with us and active and with it.  Jim Coyle seems to be gone, alas.  He is missed.

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