Strategies (1999/2011)

Mystery Sketch

This is a text that I wrote in the back of a sketchbook in late 1999.  It appears here slightly revised and adapted:

The environment/nature can’t really fight for itself or act on its own behalf. 

The only way that it may do this is through drought, floods, earthquakes and other “natural disasters.”  Some of these occur through sheer chance and happenstance.  Others may occur due to pollution.

Since 1999, this has accelerated, become more deadly, with the links to climate change aka global warming.  Even if you don’t “believe in it” all I can say is: Watch out!

When there are Earth-disasters caused by pollution, the people hurt usually aren’t the most guilty ones.  They’re often those with the least power and clout.

Poor people rarely find time to protest.  They can’t fight against their poverty because they’re too busy being poor.

“Indigenous groups” such as the Native Americans, also have a long way to go.  Their troubles aren’t always spoken of or brought to the fore.

Children have trouble fighting for their rights too.  They’re too small, powerless and still growing into their strength.

Other groups also have trouble standing up, standing together and fighting for their rights.

This is often true of community and local groups, who are struggling for rights, at the grassroots.  There are many stories of strong victories and amazing gains.  Yet other areas and people have a hard time of it.  Persevere!

Such others (such as women) have made progress but still have plenty of room for improvement.

Last, but not least, all true artists should come together and fight for our rights.  That is what this blog is all about.  Why do we feel so divided at times?  What is quality?  What does it mean to be an artist in today’s world?  What is art capable of?  What could it be?  What should it be?

There’s plenty of fodder for debate and discussion, but yes, come together and communicate.  Take to the streets or go door to door.  The new Renaissance is just around the corner.

Artists struggle to create good to great work.  They struggle to remain artists and “not give up the ship.”

Many find time to work in favor of their communities, the Earth, poor people and children etc.

It’s time to shake things up and wake things up.  On your marks, get set and go!

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