A Rallying Cry for the Cultural Life of Detroit!


The following is a statement I put out in 2007.  It was in collaboration with Detroit’s Zeitgeist Gallery/Performance Venue.

To the Varied Venues and Audiences of the Detroit Area:

This is a rallying cry for the cultural life of Detroit!

There have long been signs of extreme life both in and around this city.  It is time for those parts to get together and really start to shake things up, to wake things up.

Despite the stumbling blocks, the balls and chains, the dust involved in being underground, the prevailing apathy and ho-hums, the lack of clues for the clueless and so on:

Things could well happen here, which would be of vital interest well beyond our borders.  Detroit could end up a true Renaissance City, in the cultural sense.  Music, poetry, the visual arts, dance, cinema and theatre should work together to sing out a call for magic, for truth, for revitalizations.

We at the ZEITGEIST GALLERY/PERFORMANCE VENUE offer a challenge to both our fellow area venues and to the public at large.

If you agree that the time for change, for growth & true life is now, then sign this paper and get it back to us.  If you’re affiliated with a relevant group or venue, please note this with your signature.  Besides signing, please contact us with your ideas, hopes and plans for really getting something strong and positive going in this city of ours!

Now, in July 2011, I’m still trying to get something going in this city.  I’m not alone in thisGreat art needs great audiences.  Artists may yet come together in solidarity.  Detroit has plenty of wild grassroots.

P.S. The old Zeitgeist website is down.  I started to recreate some of that material here, in another of my blogs.  The first three pieces to appear are about the late Jacques Karamanoukian:


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