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Primary Substances/ Malcolm de Chazal

September 30, 2011

May 16, 1999: the magical forces of primary substances…(air, water, vegetation, earth) and flesh/spirit-heart or soul…(then too) cloth/canvas, the repository, the blank, exalted canvas (a sweet target for paint)…wood/paper (to carve, paint or draw on)…glass, a fascination with glass, all freshly blown and intact, or in shards…then too plastic, odd bits or fragments of plastic, also “plastic sense” via paint (either oils or acrylics or watercolors)…metal, tied to the earth, whether twisted, fresh or rusted.  I don’t take these for granted!

Also from May 1999 “Death: When they lock you up and throw away the key?”

I’ve been re-reading Malcolm de Chazal’s Plastic Sense, an amazing book.  It’s my first time reading it aloud though, speaking it.  He’s an inspiration and I sense a kindred spirit as well.  De Chazal is also loved by Surrealists and other seekers after true poetic language (or leaps of thought).  Here’s a few of the better things I found around the internet:

I didn’t know that Plastic Sense is back in Print again, cool.