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A Collaborative Painting Made at the Zeitgeist Gallery

December 15, 2011

This is a collaboration from Detroit’s Zeitgeist Gallery.  I think it’s from Visual Jam Sessions Number 6 (in 2007).  We’d started an annual interactive art-making festival in 2002.  No solo work was allowed.  It had to be at least two people.  Some paintings had five or more artists working on the same painting.  This is rarely done in a gallery setting.  Collaborative work is more common in doing street art, and in doing music and cinema, of course.

There were paintings and works on paper.  Most of the work was done “on site.”    Some was done “away” (at various homes and studios) and brought in later.  I think some of these are still visible “up high” on the face of the former gallery.  Now it’s the “5E Gallery.”

The piece was started by Jack Johnson.  He brought in a series of smaller canvases, which were fitted together to make one big canvas.  I believe that Robert Hyde also worked on it some.  Most of the work was done by Diana Alva and I.  The thin lined black outlinings are mine.

We thought that it was a successful interactive piece.  It’s now in the hands of a collector, who’d been a friend and supporter of the Zeitgeist.