Preoccupations, Wall Street and Otherwise

This is just to say that I’m totally friendly toward and in solidarity with the “Occupy Movement.”  I think it’s great.  I only hope that it gets somewhere.

I got down to the Occupy Detroit camp in Grand Circus Park.  Eventually, they struck the tents and moved from away there.  I try to monitor what they’ve been doing since.

It’s already influencing the “political discourse” in ways.  The “one percent” have gone too far.  Fair is fair and cruel is cruel.  The blinders, created by extreme wealth, can wreak havoc like a movie monster.  Then too, some of them know full well what they’re doing.

The instances of blatant criminality should not go unspoken of and unpunished.  Even those who aren’t strictly “anti-capitalist” should still be against wholesale thievery.  Some believe that they’re too rich and powerful to be punished.  If they are caught, they often get a “slap on the wrist” or a “warning.”  If you or I did something equivalent, we’d get it a lot worse.

It’s wonderful that so many are becoming more aware, speaking out and acting up.  I love it, that it’s taking hold around this country and around the world.  Something must be done.  Now’s the time!

In part two, I’ll go into certain cultural ramifications.  What role should we artists play in all this?  What’s to do?

3 Responses to “Preoccupations, Wall Street and Otherwise”

  1. Don Handy (Mud) Says:

    Before the Occupy movement took hold, the national political discourse was centered on deficit reduction, which was ridiculous in this ecomomy. After the Occupy movement, not only has the president taken the populist tone that he should have had from the git-go, but even Tiffanys’ shopper Newt Gingrinch is attacking Mitt Romney as the 1% candidate. Another aspect is that, in the 1960s, there was a big discussion about the tactics of non-violent vs. violent revolution. Said discussion tore-apart the SDS. So far, non-violent revolutions seem to be able to work, Although, that said, we can only wonder how much the riots in merry ol’ England last summer are on the minds of the ruling elite in this country.

  2. Karin Friedemann Says:

    i hear ya bro

  3. Emma Says:

    Great work! I appreciate everything you do on this web site.

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