Starving Artists?

What are we hungry for?  True, some artists are poor and/or scuffling to make ends meet.  Some of us hunger after truth or beauty or love or justice.  Some of us get by on just a few nibbles.  Others have appetites which seem to spread out all over the world.  We could eat everything.  Yet the path of the artist is often a rough, even dangerous one.

So, without being maudlin or self-pitying:

Yes, they’re trying to hold us down or hold us back.

Yes, it’s not easy to make even a meager living as true and passionate artist.

Yes, the serious and committed artists may comprise one of the last “minority groups” who’ve barely begun to fight for their rights.

It’s difficult because we’re seperated, in so many ways.  Maybe hundred of “small ponds” can relate to (or bond with) the lakes, rivers and oceans.  Together, we are stronger and better informed.

Are we held back because some of us are struggling to share “uncomfortable truths?”  Or is this just a coincidence?  Down is not up.  We’re here for the adventure.

If the world at large is often weak from hunger, so are many of its artists.  This can be both figurative or literal.  Either, or both.  There are varieties and degrees of hunger and starvation.

Feed the mind.  Feed the heart.  Try to find ways to feed the physically hungry, whether they’re artists or not.

Then too: Create!  Connect!  Work! Play!  Occupy Art!  Occupy Life!

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