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Occupy Art: Various Information and Views

April 20, 2012

This is a collection of sites and pages dealing with the Occupy Art movement.  It’s a good sort of follow-up to my recent post/manifesto, which explored my perspectives on the cultural side of the Occupy movement.

Very interesting, yes, some of the roots:

Art is being used to publicize or promote the occupy movement.  This is a sort of “sidelight” for some of us.  It plays its part, as “propaganda” or advertising.  This is all well and good.

Yet it usually does little to address the problems facing artists in the world, etc.  Art is more than just a facade.:

Art, commenting on or depicting the Occupy movement:

Various Other Groups:

Occupy Criticism, Occupy Spring:

Is this serious or a parody or what:

Man, oh manifestos:

Coming soon, my take on art galleries/museums and the “Occupy Museums” movement.  I might write on something else first though.