Join the Tribe of Artists!

Artists are a unique group. We should be unified and together as such, but that rarely seems to be happening.

We’re distracted by life and the world. Other, more obvious signifiers and “ethnic groups” seem to take precedence.

The popular artists have big money behind them, as often as not. With cinema, you need to have a lot of money. With pop music, you may get $$$$ behind you, get backing, by chance or by being lucky enough to “grab the brass ring.”  Quality and talent may count, or not.

Most  “unpopular” aka struggling artists are way too busy creating, working day jobs and living our lives.   It’s hard to find time to connect with and interact with our fellow art workers.

For years, I’ve tried to agitate for solidarity.  We try to push and prod toward connection.

All true artists are one!  (or) All true artists are as one!

Once we’re together (or more so than now, at least) we can reach out to the popular artists.  The “stars” and “success stories” aren’t always doing great work.  Some of it is mediocre at best.  Yet they do create some amazing work.

Much high-profile popular art is collaborative.  Look at the long list of credits after watching a hit movie.  Records and songs may require an orchestra, back up singers or session musicians.  Are these often unpopular artists in support of popular artists?

Some music is made by one person.  Authors can get published and have a best seller.  Yet it’s harder to be “a hit” all by yourself.

The gulf between the successful and the less successful can be quite extreme.  It’s crazy, down here in the trenches.  The struggle can be confusing and intense, yet we hang in there.

How to unite all creative people?  How to increase dialogue and solidarity?  How to have art face and respond to trouble in the world?  Occupy Art?  Yes!

One Response to “Join the Tribe of Artists!”

  1. Don Handy (Mud) Says:

    “Us working folks has got to all stick together /
    Or we ain’t got a chance anymore…”
    -Woody Guthrie

    Patti Smith refers to her art as her work. All that matters is the work.

    It seems to me that artists can’t help but create; that it’s an extension of who they are. Whether their work is recognized or not is relatively unimportant, as for an artist to stop creating would be a form of suicide.

    Yeah, Picasso undoubtedly enjoyed the fruits of life more than Van Gogh, but does that mean that Van Gogh’s life was less meaningful? Of course not.

    I obviously don’t have any answers to the questions posited above. But I don’t think they’re worth fretting too much about, at least as far as I’m concerned.

    “All you can do, is do what you must
    You do what you must do, and you do it well.”
    -Bob Dylan

    “I’m an outsider, outside of everything.”
    -Dee Dee Ramone

    “Outside of society, that’s where I wanna be…

    “Those who have suffered understand suffering and thereby extend their hand.”
    -Patti Smith

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