A World Run by Artists!

event (from May 2004, in oil paint

Things come to me in my dreams! A few nights ago, I dreamed of a dance floor where all the dancer’s footprints appeared on the floor.  When it was almost full of footprints, they’d vanish and the floor would be clear again.

Last night, this last day of November, I had a doozy.  The world was totally controlled by the artists!  The oddballs, the creatives, the hipsters were in charge and in power.  It’s the exact opposite of our present reality.  We artists are consistently misunderstood and undervalued.  Talent and hard work don’t always “win the day.”  We struggle and fight, love and love because we want to or because we have to.  It’s fun to think of our present miserabilist reality suddenly turned on its head.

I wrote it down, half awake: ” It’s a sort of hippie world, with all of Earth run by hipsters, beatniks and artists.  There are non-violent wars.  People are not so money crazy.  Yet it’s not perfect.  The good, the bad and the ugly continue.”

Life is full of life!  There are always the primary challenges.  Can the divisions between nations, and religions be eliminated or reduced?  Can men and women get along?  Can the enormous divide between the rich and the poor be reduced?  Maybe someday, the categories “rich” and “poor” will no longer exist, except in history books.

Likewise, can we stop using religion as a basis or excuse for murder and mayhem?  You’d think that if one was truly religious, you’d be able to accept and get along with people from other religions.  If every religion was more “broad-minded” and accepting, it would lead to less trouble.  When Woody Guthrie would fill out forms and they asked for your religion, he would write in all.

Likewise, if nations, states and countries can’t get along, maybe we can reduce the importance of these imaginary boundaries.  Patriotism can lead to trouble.  Away with false barriers!  Maybe someday, more people will wise up. The problems connected with money and with violence are also foremost.  The earth itself needs to be respected and loved.

I dreamt of art itself, coming to the fore and taking charge.  This was very vivid and intense, beautiful yet with a troubling sort of aftertaste.


As a postscript, this whole idea brought to mind the ideas of French Utopian theorist Charles Fourier, of whom I’ve written:


It also brought to mind the 1968 Firesign Theatre bit where the cops arrested people and brought them in for “re-grooving” in a sort of fascist hipness.  You can’t really force people to be “with it” or to be hep.  Yet it could become contagious.




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