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Shake Up the World with Art!

February 27, 2013

For Destiny

There are many people who believe art to be powerless!

They’re assured that it has been declawed and defanged.  If art has venom, it’s been transformed into honey or nectar.

Yet wait!  Step back and look again.  Art is explosive and volatile.  Even when art is gentle, it can still sing the leaves off of the trees.

Lurking in shadowy corners and ready to pounce: ART!

Skulking on rooftops while brandishing binoculars and bags of pebbles: ART!

Singing in every language all at once, while occasionally stopping to dance: ART!

Searching after the deepest, most disturbing possible truths, in all their glory: ART!

Roaming around the world, dressed in strange clothes and wearing animal masks: ART!

Holding countless secret conferences deep in the heart of the forest or in abandoned houses: ART!

Finding hundreds of new ways in which life is the perfect disguise: ART!

Making contact with fellow creative people, creating a massive global movement: ART!

Creating new works which are amazing, astounding, beautiful, ugly and soul-shaking: ART!

Engaged in campaigns to wake up the victims of “death in life” and certain sleepers: ART!

Entering deep into the chambers of love itself: ART!

Wrapped in tangles of kisses approaching mad love or amour fou: ART!

Exploding in combinations of colors and shapes which bring new tastes into one’s mouths: ART!

Poetry is revealed, making the masses laugh, cry or jump up and down: ART!

Mysteries create new mysteries which emerge fully fleshed out of old mysteries: ART!

Dance, poetry, writing, painting, visual art, cinema, theatre, photography convene and bond with each other.  All arts form a single art!  Artists of all stripes arise.  There are countless truces and coalitions.

Art will help change the world.  Art will play a key part in transforming life.

Calling all artists: arise!  Do the best work that you can and seek out kindred spirits.  Now’s the Time.  A true, new Renaissance lurks close by, ready to burst free.