Black Light Cave Art

my old wall 001I don’t think that I have a better photo of this.  If I find others, I’ll  add them.  I found one more so far, see below.

Back when I lived in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood, my bedroom had a door to the upstairs back porch.  Sometimes I’d sleep outside in the Summer.

There was a bare brick wall.  I think that it was on the other side of the fireplace.  We painted it black and covered it with cartoons.  These done with black  light paint.  My brother Dennis and I did most of this.  He did quite a bit.

It’s some of my earliest painting, as an adult anyway.  Sometimes other siblings and friends would work on it a bit too.  It was an early attempt at having a series of visual jam sessions.

There are sayings such as “Do it!”   There’s a “peace sign” and shouts out to Jerry Rubin and to the Rolling Stones.

There’s also a sort of green clown holding a giant butterfly, a huge bug that’s lying on its back,  an airplane and an upside-down figure.   There are various shapes and forms.

When you saw it under the black light, it was really something.

Its companion piece was a window shade.  This was also painted with black light paint.  It depicted the earth with people on top and people down below, standing upside down.  In between, in the center of the Earth, there was hell, all full of devils and an “O.O.E. Welcome” sign.

The O.O.E was (or is?) an acronym for the Organization of Evil.  This was a sort of spoof that some of us were involved in.  We weren’t really that bad.  It was more mischief and pranks, like five people wearing masks to the grocery store or to the greasy spoon joint.  You can’t do that any more.  Those were different times.

This was all or mostly all painted by Dennis.  I might have helped a bit.  I still have it.  It’s hanging up in my back hallway.  It’s a bit battered yet it’s good to still have it.

A figure with Nixon mask and toy.  The wall and a danger sign are in the background.  I don't think that that's me.

A figure with Nixon mask and toy. The wall and a danger sign are in the background. I don’t think that that’s me.

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