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On the “Art Strike” Movement

May 31, 2013


Various Art Strikes and Actions

The 1970 Art Strike

I’ve been researching the art strike movements and the recent occupy museums movement.  This month and last I’ve mainly just posted links to some of my web sources.  I’ll write more about this soon.  I hope to have a post on it here sometime in the next few months.  Meanwhile here’s this.

From the Art Strike Propaganda Workshop 1989

“Art Strike is a ceremonial mask of a movement away from competitive art making and toward a culture without curators.”  and too, a nod toward “the demolition of serious culture.”

No kidding?

How to protest by withholding something that few people care about or few people want?  If it’s not commercial, not tied to real $$$$, then why pay attention to it?  Yet many of our artists who sell their work for huge amounts of money create mediocre work, or worse.  It’s a paradox or a quandary.  Artists!  You have nothing to lose but your chains!

The 1990 to 1993 Art Strike Campaign/Movement
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New York 1990's

New York 1990’s

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