A Note from Miriam Patchen, from June 1989

Writing and receiving postal letters is one of the great things in life.  It’s difficult to find the time to do so though.  Now, it’s even harder what with email and related digital communications.

I sent many mailings to Miriam Patchen.  I’d often enclose a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope containing blank index cards when I’d write someone.  This would make it easier for them to reply.  This is how I attained some of my best letters, notes and autographs.

This was postmarked 25 June 1989 and arrived on both side of two blank index cards:

Dear Maurice-

I’d been away-Germany (a Patchen show)- a friend took care (?) of my mail, suddenly your letter turned up!  But how good to hear from you.  It seems so long ago since the first POETIC EXPRESSES came here.  At least you are continuing on the clear way.  Would there be more who’d do so!

I take part in the essential peace work.  every Tuesday (for five years now) at a mall or shopping center with posters, parades, meetings etc.  It won’t make peace but, like you with your writing, I must affirm the importance of life, not death.

Thanks for your remembering-for reading Patchen & loving jazz!  best, Miriam

miriam onemiriam two



Here’s a link to my xerox publication, digitally archived.  I’m still putting it out.  I haven’t missed a month since April 1985:


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