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The Doppelgänger (Homage to René Magritte)

September 26, 2013
New York City, circa 1996

New York City, circa 1996

This photograph was taken with one of those old “drug store” panoramic cameras. They were on the market from 1996 to 1998 or so. They gave you a whole camera. You’d use it and they’d develop it, giving you back the prints and negatives.

This was one of my favorite photos I’ve taken with that format. It’s a bit grainy but my timing was good.

It looks like a printing error but it’s not. I did this intentionally. The section on the right is a mirror image of the image on the left. Note the reverse writing on the truck.

The man walking (with the white pants) is the same man whose head appears on the shoulder of the figure at left. The woman walking by has her hand and the tip of her shoe appear on the left.

The figure on the far right and the far left are the same man. On one side is the “real” person and on the other is his reflection.

Many of us have doubles or ghost selves. I’ve often had people swear they saw me or tell that they saw someone who looked exactly like me. I’d wonder “Who is this person? What if I was to run into them?

September 26, 2013 for René Magritte

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