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Angry Artists!

May 22, 2014
A Ruined Visit

A Ruined Visit

Everyone knows that these aren’t the best of times.   Every time has its share of grief and misery.  Anyone who has a good “radar” can detect some of this.

Yet Artists are often experts at sensing trouble and disaster.  Maybe some of us are more sensitive than “normal people.”   Or maybe we’re just more attuned to things or more in tune with things.

These days, more than ever, I feel like a canary in a coal mine.  There’s plenty of trouble in this world.  There are many battles which need to be fought.  Yet of all of these,  I feel a real urgency on the issue of climate change.

I have vivid pictures in my head of what will be if we don’t change our ways in a serious way.  I’ll probably go into detail in my poetry.  Suffice to say that these consist of unpleasant visions including dead trees, bad weather, melting ice and suffering creatures, both human and otherwise.

This past cold Winter is likely a taste of things to come.  It should be a wake-up call, if people had the sense to see it as it is.

People that say that humans are not responsible for climate change are delusional.  We’re experts at fouling our own nests.  Our destructive and polluting ways may well have a breaking point.  Let’s not ruin our “visit” to Planet Earth!

Why am I so upset?

Maybe it’s because I really care about the future and the deep future.  This is the only world we have.  I mean, we’re not all going to live on the moon.  It’s not happening.

So here and now, in Detroit, Michigan on May 22, 2014:

Angry artists!  Wake up the world!  Live in defense of posterity.  Be madly, irrationally in love with the future generations and with the Earth itself.  Embrace and assist the threatened creatures and plants.  There’s too much extinction and near-extinction going on.

One needs to be aware, deeply aware, and then struggle to wake other people up as well.  I’m so angry that I see stars.  Yet I feel that this is a positive, invigorating anger.  I don’t let it eat away at me.  It’s an anger that has a sense of humor.  It can laugh at itself.  It chooses its targets carefully and then takes careful aim.

Talk to each other.  Write letters and emails.  Network and protest and take to the streets.