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Renaissance Now!

November 30, 2014

DSCN0580This is a manifesto that I wrote in 1992, over twenty years ago.  I think that the impetus was that people were heralding an economic “Detroit Renaissance.”  Also, there’s a large building downtown known as the Renaissance Center.  Meanwhile the vibrant and expansive art scene was being largely overlooked or misunderstood.  Some things never change, it seems.

I’ve revised this slightly and changed the “1990’s” to the “2010’s” and so on and so forth.  Is being an underground promotion man for the new Renaissance an oxymoron?  Is is it just a disconnect?  I’m still tilting at the windmills like old Don Quixote.  Yes, onward!

"Talk Talk Talk"

“Talk Talk Talk”


Renaissance Now!  Detroit has been the “Renaissance City” in name only for long enough! It is time for all the artists and “artists” and startists to get together.

This is the 2010’s.  We’re tired of waiting for something to happen.  Now’s the time.  If the dreamers of this world can’t get it together/ can’t really support and encourage each other—then how can we expect the rest of the world to do so??

We should be setting an example.  If the artists don’t imagine that things could really somehow improve in this world/ nation/ city—then how can we expect anyone else to believe it?

Get ready to sing, dance, paint, write, tumble, rap, juggle, type, draw, fly, act, paste, sculpt, play, film, photograph, perform, display, reveal, surprise, shock, confound, amaze, excite, baffle, inspire and move.  Make art and let people see it. Try to do your best (yet experiment and play and get loose).  Connect with other people as best you can.  We need some dialogue and community.  We need some sort of motion.  We need some magic and mysteries.  We need adventures.

Why not here?  Why not Detroit?  Art therapy may be the last, best hope for a somewhat sick world.  It’s already going on in the shadows and backgrounds / here and there.  It needs to be more encouraged, developed and intertwined.  Money, fame and success are not the truest or the only indicators of art.  Quality isn’t always determined by quantity.

We artists and thinkers and dreamers need to reach out to each other and then stick together.  It’s our privilege and purpose to make dreams come true.  Things will never be perfect on this planet.  It seems it could be better, though. It seems that Earth could be a better place to live (for us and for those who come after).  Culture, art, and ideas are like air or water needed for any real change.   Dream out art with your thoughts, heart, hands, eyes, mouths, lungs, bodies and everything.  Other days and exciting times are itching to start.  I can hear it around us all of the time.   Can you?


This was written around midnight, into September 2 from September 1 in the year 1992.  It was updated on November 30, 2014.

Due to an excess of trouble, dangers, cruelties, disasters, stupidity, insensitivity, greed, violence, evil and many other badsad things: The City of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. is recruited to be temporary imaginary-realistic home base.  Ideas, criticisms, hopes, plots, jokes, dreams and possibilities to Maurice Greenia, Jr.  He’s a representative of the  Imaginary States of America.  Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The original document, typed on a manual typewriter.  You should be able to click onto it to enlarge it: