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My Frenetic Life

December 31, 2014


From July 29, 2006

My frenetic life, OK–I like it sometimes: going from flower to flower like a bee in slow-motion, with work and variety.

Not as OK: I feel like a ball in a pinball machine on some predetermined path, just Bing Bing Bing–this this that and drop to the bottom exhausted (and go back to the top again).

From December 31, 2014

Yes, sometimes you need to just try hard to slow down, yet we keep going.  We keep on swinging.

It’s always a challenge to attempt to balance everything.  When you get more than two days off, away from your day job, things can all come into focus.  With a slight surplus of free time, you can better sense who you are and where you are.  You get a better idea of what you want to do and where you want to go.  I’ve a nice long year-end break.  I’m working on that now.

To me, the three main areas are friends and family, rest and relaxation and hard work.  This hard work includes your creative work, your art and that which supports and encourages it.

These things take on one meaning when most of your waking life is consumed by work for money, hopefully for a living wage.

When you get a little block of time, a chance to catch your breath, then they mean something else.  We all have to figure this out for ourselves.

We have our support groups and our circles.  In the end, we just need to dig in and create the very best work that we can.

When you collaborate creatively, the end product is even less in your own control.  This can still turn out well.  There’s nothing wrong with it.

When you are alone and on your own, you just need to dig in and go to town.


P.S. This was my 100th post on this blog!  Thanks to you who look at it and best for 2015.

Like I always say, on New Year’s Eve: “There’s not much more work to do this year!  Let me finish a few last things.”

Then on New Year’s Day: “I’ve so much work to do this year!  How much will I tire and sweat from it all?  What will I come up with?”

On New Year’s Eve you feel lighter and caught up in finishing the year.  Things seem to be ending.

On New Year’s Day you feel heavy, sensing that there will be so much to do.  Yet it’s exciting in ways, even exhilarating.