For Future Generations, For Posterity

grebaw_0296As an Artist and as a Poet, I am strongly, passionately in favor of the future generations.   I live my life in solidarity with those who are yet to come.

The weight of the past and the weight of the future both feel heavy.  The past has done its best, or its worst.  The future is like a clean piece of paper, surrounded by flames.

What to do?  How to take action?  How to inspire others to take action?  These things are always on my mind.

Who does the future belong to?  Does it belong to the people who will live in it?  Those who are young now will be aged, when the clock turns.

Part of this future includes us, we who live in the present day.  The other part of this future includes our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and beyond.  I’m in love with those who are and with those who will be.  Where is the divide?

There don’t seem to be enough people fighting for future generations, trying to speak for them.  Most which does go on is connected to environmental concerns.  Climate change exists and it’s a serious concern.  Yet it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many ways to fight for the future.

Yet on so many levels, in so many ways, a great many people seem to be actively against posterity.  They’re so caught up in their own interests that they rush forward, grasping.  Their motto; “We want ours, now!”  In this case, it’s often money but it’s not just money.

What sort of world will our actions leave environmentally, economically, artistically, spiritually and more?

Some don’t care or don’t understand.  To them, those who are yet to be are like phantoms.  Subconsciously, they may wonder “What if there is no future?”  Or perhaps it all seems too abstract and unknowable.

Conservatives, Liberals and Progressives can’t seem to really stand up for the future.  Instead of making large steps forward, they try to just stand in place.  Often, they even go backwards.

Yet many people go beyond this indifference.  There seems to be a real disdain for future generations.  This often curdles into contempt, disgust and hatred.  To them, the young and glorious future is a great enemy.

The old fight against the young, sending them off to war, making it hard for them to make a living and damaging the world in which they’ll have to live.

They can’t see the future generations.  When they try to, it repulses them.  Maybe it confuse them or bores them.

I see those who are yet to be pointing their fingers back at us.  They accuse us: “Why did you do this?” or “How could you have let this happen?” or “What were you thinking?”

Yet who are these future people?  What is posterity anyway?

Look at your own face in the mirror.  Look at the faces of your parents and your children.  Look at your brothers and sisters.  Look at your friends.  These are the faces of the future.  If you truly care about them, you should be able to take the leap and to care about the days to come.

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