From 2007, Artist’s Statements and Exhibits

1987 july 6

“To me, the quality of art is tied directly to its human content. It should say something about (or lead us toward) what it means to be a human being in this world, in all its depths and complexities.

This doesn’t have to be direct or obvious. It can also be subtle and poetic. Yet it should be there, or the work will leave me cold.

Much of the creative work around us seems to take the opposite track. There’s a place for ‘time killers’ and distractions from life. ‘Dumb fun’ can be a harmless diversion for some, at times.

Yet a steady diet of sweets, white flour and alcohol will injure you, eventually, no matter how good it seemed at the time.”   February 2007

The complete version:

Later in the same month, on February 23, 2007: from The Frenetic Gazette, Number 10:.

“Yes a little FRENETIC GAZETTE once again. I’m in my frenetic art-making mode, the first big blast for 2007.  …I can paint a number of works concurrently, with vastly different styles and approaches. Working full time, fighting and struggling to find time to PAINT can feel like a peaceful war. Sacrifices are made. Irrational juggling predominates.

Anyway, this work is for an exhibit called “WINDOWS TO OTHER WORLDS (with select artifacts)” and also includes artists Carlos Bruton, Gwen Joy and Karl Schneider. I’m curating-organizing this exhibit with help from Jim Puntigam. If you get this soon enough, tomorrow night the Space Band will perform at a closing event for the installation PLAYFUL CHAOS. Music will start around 8pm with others also performing and a jam session.

WINDOWS TO OTHER WORLDS opens March 10, 2007 and I’ll be doing a puppet show.”

Then, from June 2007:

For a Wilder Laughter:

“Of the many serious problems facing the world today, some are rarely mentioned.  One of these is the severe shortage of humor, good jokes, the absolute comic and their glorious residue.

This residue is, of course, human laughter”

The complete version:

“Laughter can reveal the truth and throw it back into the face of the lie!

Don’t be afraid to let go and laugh.  Be open to it.   Seek for it.”

datestampAlso from June 2007:

“Through Surrealism, I learned the difference between “mere artistic propaganda” and authentic works of art informed by politics.

Artistic propaganda has a hard time matching (or keeping up with) the real propaganda which all of us face every day.

To be informed by politics is to seek out, to become aware of and maybe somehow to know the hard truths of this country, of this world. To be aware is to beware.”

This is from an Artist’s Statement written on June 16, 2007, for STATE OF THE UNION, an exhibit at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The complete version:

Also from 2007

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