“The Poetic Express” Take One: POETICS

v29_9Part of the reason that I started doing The Poetic Express was to force myself to write more poetry.

Even if you’ve a good work ethic, sometimes it’s best to light a fire under yourself.

I’m forced to write at least  5 to 15 poems every month.  I’ve been doing this since April of 1985.  I’ve written nearly 2000 poems for The Poetic Express.  I should be close to reaching this goal by the end of this year.

If I count the poems I’ve written aside from The Poetic Express, I’m sure that it’s already over 2000.

There are similarities in my approach to my visual art.  There, I’ve certainly done over 10,000 drawings.  Quantity isn’t quality.  Yet if you have enough focus and intent, eventually quantity will help light the path toward quality.

It seems to me that I’ve managed to find my own voice.  I haven’t found anyone else who writes poetry quite like mine.

Those closest to it are my heroes and heroines from the past.  People like Bob Kaufman, Kenneth Patchen, André Breton, Joyce Mansour, Jayne Cortez, Benjamin Péret, Antonin Artaud, Arthur Rimbaud, St-John Perse, Apollinaire and more.  I love Surrealism.  As regards the wider avant-garde/experimental tradition, I’m quite selective.  I don’t like everything.

As for people writing today, I search for those who are on my wavelength.  I’m open to them.  As for those who I don’t really connect with, there’s still a lot of their work that I can appreciate and can respect.

In my poetry I look for magic, for wordplay, for the decisive image, for humor and for strange pictures.

I’m drunk on language and swept away by a sea of images.  I think that I have something to say.

May 30 and 31, 2015

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