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Lost Cultural Venues of Detroit: Social Spaces and Playgrounds

August 31, 2016


As I’ve said, the people of Detroit don’t want to stay at home all of the time.  We’ve long had a need to go out and about and to put our foot in it.

Some go out on the town only rarely, as a special treat.  Others go out a few times a week.

Then there are people who seem to go out every night.  It might just be for a drink or two at a neighborhood bar.  Not many can afford to go to restaurant or nightclub every night.

You can hear some great stories in bars.  Is this entertainment too?

There have been many special scenes and special places in Detroit.  It’s long been a great place for music and for other cultural pursuits.

It’s great to hang out with old friends or family members.  Sometimes you want to meet new people.  One searches for a date. or better, a partner.

Then too, connections lead to connections.  Series of spontaneous and interlocking communities emerge.

We become part of an audience.  In cushioned seats or folding chairs, we experience theatre, music, dance. poetry or cinema.  It can be lovely to be a spectator, seated with other spectators.  Other times though, we get out of our seats.  We watch people dance. We dance ourselves.  We mingle.  We party.

We search for the place where mystery lives.  We sit in the corner, dreaming.