Art Matters More than Ever!

From 1978

From 1978 “Invocation of the Forces of Summer”

1800’s poet Arthur Rimbaud talked about the friends of death and the enemies of love.  This has always stuck with me. *

The group to which he referred is now ascendant and clawing, cheating and back-stabbing their way to power.  This is going on not only in Great Britain and the U.S.A.  There are signs of it everywhere.

These people are no friend to the true artists and poets.  The creative, aware and alert mind is something which they disdain. Sometimes they may even dread it and fear it.

Art has an important part to play in resisting the dominant and pervasive misery.  If there was an undeniable and vigorous artistic Renaissance which wanted no part of them, it would help to awaken and inspire people.  We need not only to reach out to our own tribe but to the people on the fence.

If someone’s truly brainwashed and frozen within their delusion, it will be hard to sway them  Yet we need to keep trying.  We need to try to thaw or warm the relations in this cold, cold war.  One way to do this is through Art.  Art is a form of communication, among other things.

More Art!  Quality is more important than quantity, yet numbers don’t hurt.

Musicians, performers, singers, dancers, film-makers, actors/ actresses, cartoonists, writers, poets, photographers, print-makers, sculptors, artists and dreamers of all stripes: work hard, talk to each other, take to the streets and go door to door if need be. Renaissance Now!


*When I can locate the precise Rimbaud quotation I’ll append it here.

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