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Open Your Eyes, Before It’s Too Late

March 30, 2017

It’s a strange and complicated thing, being awake.  When you get out of bed in the morning, when you open your eyes: then all bets are off.

We stumble and go through our morning-time rituals.  Some of us search out coffee or tea and maybe something sweet.  Others ingest healthy things, to better energize their day.

There’s a big difference between being merely awake and being wide awake.  It’s not enough to be not asleep.  Hyper-awareness comes on like a trance, like a broken song.  Sometimes, for the artist, this awareness is more like a dance.

Sometimes it’s a sad dance.  Sometimes it’s a happy dance.

We’re after truth.  We’re after magic.  We try to enter the deepest, secret heart of life itself.  We breathe the air of mystery yet shrug off most puzzlement.

Some people are asleep while they’re awake.  The hate reality and the train it rode in on.  They’ve perfected the use of blinders. They wear eyeglasses which distort everything, then proclaim “This is the way things truly are!”

To that, well “No, no, no (and then) no.”

The electronic fuzz of television, the delirium of dead-end wishing, the death/violence/ finance super-deal, the mockery and the distortion of love itself, the ridicule and disgust directed at the true poet:  all of these things and more.  They’re ready for a swift kick in the pants! They’re ready to be taken care of.

Open your eyes!  Open your mind and your heart.  Open them wide, before it’s too late.