Looking Inside of the World

From 2003.

Some of us become addicted to the absolute truth.  We search it out. We try to find it, as best we can.

We see things as we are.  Then we peel off the outer layer.  Inside that, there’s often something surprising and even majestic.  Yet we peel off that layer too.  It’s like a box inside of a box inside of a box inside of a box.

Sometimes, it’s like an insect or animal shedding its skin, again and again.

Phantom skins shield us from the mystery.  They hide things, like layers of clothes.

Some live their lives out deliriously in love with lies and lying. Falsehood, confusion, distraction and stupidity are like sunlight to them, like air.

Art and artists (of all stripes) fight for truth.  Sometimes it’s a magical or strange truth. Yet its roots and its heart are tangled with reality.

We look inside of the world.  There are realities concealed within realities.

We search for deeper truths related to what it means to be a human being, living in this world.

The truest thing ever always fights and struggles to be exposed and revealed.  We hide it and we hide from it.  Some of us are frightened by it. Others long to see it.  It’s the very thing which we most want to see.

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