The Life and Times of the Heidelberg Project, a Postscript

June 2017

Thanks to all of those people who came out to see my extensive Summer exhibit, The Life and Times of the Heidelberg project at the Detroit Mercy library.  It was a lot of work to put it together.  I still need to sort through the papers, photos and clippings which I removed from the showcases.

Thanks also, for checking out these three blog posts.  I’ll write more about the project, eventually.


Circa 1991


I learned a lot about the Heidelberg Project by curating and installing this exhibit.

It’s early days are special to me.  When Sam Mackey was alive, it was still so new and fresh.  It’s been difficult to keep it magical, strange and beautiful.  Considering all the obstacles and setbacks that they’ve faced, I think that they’ve done a good job.

I got to help with it, in those early days.  Later in the 1990’s, the Heidelberg Project helped to inspire me to create my own massive street art project, in the heart of downtown Detroit.  I got to see what it’s like firsthand.

This was the J.L. Hudson’s Building Project, which covered all four sides of the abandoned Hudson’s Building.  Over several years,  I drew over 500 chalk drawings on the black plywood which covered up the display windows.   I never got permission, never got arrested and most people seemed to like it.

It was tough to keep this project up, for 2 or 3 years.  It has to be even tougher, to keep something up for over 30 years.

Woodward 15too

Some of my 1990’s artwork on the J.L. Hudson’s Building

(In progress, to be continued)


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