Hidden Nests

The aroma of the ugly anti-culture hangs thickly in the air.  Now and then, it disperses.  It lurks around corners, in little curls of fog.  Its greatest enemies are absolute love and absolute truth.  It has no use at all for any sort of authentic art or artist.

Death culture seems to be ascendant.  In many cases, it’s as it’s if they’re poetry vampires.  They try to suck the poetry out of the world and replace it with its opposite.

It still believes that it will emerge triumphant.  Yet thousands of us, maybe millions of us are standing in line to give it a kick in the pants.

Magic and mystery meet up with a deep and complicated sort of hyper-awareness.  We want to see what truly is, both in the shadows and in the light.

There are pockets or nests of magic, love and resistance.  Some of these are large.  Some are small.  We need to connect the dots to make the picture complete.   People need to come together and work, struggle and fight: for poetry, for art, for truth, for love, for future generations and for the fate of the planet itself.  Now’s the Time.

A Warning to the Others 001

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