What’s So Funny?

One essential question is rarely discussed: “What is the role of humor in art, as it relates to reality?”  In these dire and dangerous times, humor may have an important and unexpected role.  If so, it needs to play its cards right.

We’re in trouble but we don’t have to love it.  All hail wise-cracks, mockery, ridicule, satire, puns and jokes.  Hurrah for giggles, titters, guffaws. howls and belly laughs.

Making fun of things can put the fun back in life.  That said, it not always easy to take humor dead seriously and, at the same time, still be extremely funny.  I’m going to try to add more humor to my own work.  I look at it as an essential spice.  Sometimes laughter can make you think of things differently.  You see them in a fresh light.

In my own work, humor comes to the fore in my puppet performances.  I can really get people laughing.  It pops up in my poetry, cartoons, visual art and musical performances as well.

When things become extremely bleak and seem fraught with peril, it’s hard to see the humor in life, in the world.  Yet it’s always there.

For awhile, people were saying not to make fun of DT aka 45.  Yet the fact that he hates being made fun of makes it tempting.  The whole bad crowd in his cabinet calls out for fumigation with laughing gas.

Yet it’s not just the United States that’s in trouble.  The whole world needs a good laugh!

From 2009:


From 1995:


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