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What Time Is It? Time to Move!

November 30, 2017

I’m tired of inertia and fatigue.  It’s time to move and to shake things up as they’ve never been shaken up before.  Now’s the time?

Everyone’s so busy, so strapped and tapped.  Working two or three jobs is more and more common.  There aren’t a lot of lazy people out there.  Does boredom even exist anymore?  The world seems to be set up to keep us distracted from the most important things.  For many of us, the trivial and the trendy becomes central.  This leads to trouble.

These are urgent days.  Some of us refuse to embrace the confusion.  We insist on attempting to see clearly and to feel without being ruled over by our emotions.  Artists often find ways to enter the mystery.  All of this is very difficult to do.  One keys is to network and to connect.  In union there is strength.