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Back in Bumbleton Corners

December 31, 2017


The mayor’s always smiling and when you least expect it, you’ll get a handshake.

Down at the general store, the men hang out and exchange wise-cracks.  Some of them are innocent and some of them are guilty.  Once a week, on Tuesdays, it’s free pickle day.  Goods sold there include blades, dry goods, notions, cheap fabric, toiletries, traps, noise-makers, candy, smokes, booklets, tools, novelties and gunny sacks.  There are a number of other unusual retail establishments scattered about.  They cater to the sportsman, the collector, the grease monkey,  the home-maker and to the ne’er-do-well.

The children roam the streets and parks.  They play terrible and wonderful games.  The officers often have cause to regret that these little ones are too young to arrest.

Once in a great while, you’ll see a horse, or even a horse and wagon.  Sometimes there’s even a buggy.  The motor vehicle is here to stay however.  They continue to appear and to disappear.  You may also see scooters, pogo sticks, go-carts, roller-skaters and numerous bicycles.  There are plenty of pedestrians.  There’s even a dirt road and too, a gravel road.  Concrete and asphalt aren’t everything.

There are several lovely restaurants.  Crabbles is probably the best of these.  You can also receive a good turn at Mack’s Diner, over on the edge of the city.  They serve everything you’d expect and more.  The dishes and silverware are always extremely clean.  Over at Aunt Aggy’s, they cook the meat twice and the vegetables are always fresh.  The area also sports several lovely taverns and even a few dives.

Bumbleton Corners is a very strange little town.  It’s known to take normality into places where it usually never goes.  It reminds me of a wolf in sheep’s clothing or of broken things which mysteriously repair themselves.