The Free Port as Art Penitentiary


The poor art works are hidden or hiding.  I think that it’s terrible to have art hidden away so that no one can ever see it.  It makes the art works seem like prisoners are hostages!

They lock it away in crates stored in warehouses.  Beautiful art is reduced to pure commodity.  It’s punishment for being sold to rich collectors is similar to its being locked up in a penitentiary.

If it’s taken out of the crate and displayed, then its monetary value might go down a bit.  The cautious greedheads would be happy if their precious art collections remain hidden.  They’d like these works to never be seen by any human eyes.

If they were on display in a private home, at least someone would see them.  Sometimes these collectors are kind and generous enough to allow the works they own to be seen in a museum show.  They loan them out.

Yet this hoarding and hiding is a real crime.  This system is a mockery and  an insult to every living, working artist.  Free the art!

From the previous link, a New York Times piece:

“It is a shame,” Helly Nahmad, a London dealer whose family is said to store 4,500 works in the Geneva Free Port, told The Art Newspaper in 2011. “It is like a composer making a piece of music, and no one listens to it.”

Art Free Ports:

Coming to New York City:

The Geneva Switzerland Free Port:

An audio report:

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