Graces/ Disgraces

Graces Disgraces (in pen and ink from November 6, 2001) and 8 by 10 inchesb

The graces flew the coop, gracefully, of course.  They were gone and they never really returned.  They’re somewhere else now.  They’re in the land of mystery, playing games with cobwebs, bubbles and star dust.  I hope to visit them there someday.  They might let me participate.  If not, I’ll just take notes.

Before their departure though, there were strange and horrible events.  This is what happened.

The disgraces rose to the top.  It was the nastiest sort of bully pulpit, with the bully always terrorizing the smaller, weaker ones.  These toughs were frightened of being mean to anyone equal to them or anyone better.  They loved to step on people, if they thought that they could do it safely.   They preferred to kick people from behind, or better yet, to kick them while they were down.  They were mean through and through, giddy on curdled cruelty, until the fall.

On an unexpected day, the graces met the disgraces in a dirty alley at 3 a.m.  It was no contest and over, nearly before it began.  Yet the damage had been done.  The repairs would take a long time to complete.

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